Требуется инженер, говорящий по-русски и по-английски

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Меня попросили помочь в поиске инженера, живущего в Италии или готового переехать в Италию (работа - рядом с Римом). Обязательное условие - русский и английский языки. Возможно, кого-то заинтересует это предложение. Можете писать мне или же непосредственно в агенство. 

Main responsabilities:
- Coordinate technical aspects of projects, provide technical support, instructions and project documentation in accordance with contract specifications;
- Perform detailed reviews of all inquiry and purchase order information that deals with the process, mechanical design, and fabrication of mass transfer equipment to establish if scope of supply matches properly with documentation and technical specifications supplied by customers;
- Interact with other departments (sales, customer service, shop, accounting) if something doesn't match the requirements;
- Ensure Sales and Customers were aware of and understood any necessary changes on orders, including, but not limited to changes in equipment design or equipment type being provided for the order;
- Review the MLES to ensure accuracy and consistency with the required scope of supply and to confirm all applicable specifications have been accounted for;
- Perform new product design, maintenance and revision of existing designs, and project specific design;
- Ensure drawings, work instructions and other published works are in accordance with relevant Company engineering and industry standards and HSE requirements;
- Provide detailed design information to drafting via Mechanical Design Data Sheets (MDDS), CAD sketches Beam calculation sheet (ERTD) and customer specifications (noted to ERTD);
- Review approval drawings both prior to issuing to the customer to ensure all process design details have been considered, as well as upon the return of drawings and confirmed customer comments are acceptable;
- Resolve any conflicts. Approve calculations and documents related to design activities;
- Directs the activities of technical Draftsperson/Designers(s);
- To be the contact for customer to provide assistance in answering any process or mechanical design questions that may arise, as well as coordinate the overall management of assigned orders.

Profilo ricercato

It's strictly required a degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, 2-3 years of engineering experience and strong mechanical attitude.
Fluent in English and Russian.
Knowledge of Italian language will be preferred qualification.

Заранее благодарна.

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Re: Требуется инженер, говорящий по-русски и по-английски

....А я вот и то, и другое.... но не в химической промышленности и машиностроении, а в строительстве в целом. Это как в анекдоте: вчера раки были по 3 рубля  , а сегодня по 5... но ..раки...но по 5 крупные... Удачи автору сообщения, пусть найдется нужный "рак"

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Re: Требуется инженер, говорящий по-русски и по-английски

блин а я как раз руководитель проекта, но не инженер ))) все остальное присутсвует )

автору спасибо за такое объявление!!

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Re: Требуется инженер, говорящий по-русски и по-английски

так это ж не инженер, а руководитель проекта. я уж было губу расскатала 

А designer  там случайно не нужны?

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